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How to Hardflip

Hardflip Definition The Hardflip is acheived by combining the Frontside Pop Shove-it and Kickflip together as one spin/flip trick. Before getting into Hardflips, it’s extremely important to have great Kickflips and Frontside Pop Shove-its. You’ll need to be able to flick your front foot for the kickflip really fast. With Kickflips, you’ll want to be […]

    How to Varial Kickflip

    Now that you’ve learned the Kickflip and know all the tricks from Skateboarding Made Simple Volume 1, it’s time to step it up even more! That’s where the Varial Kickflip comes in. You’ve probably seen this trick and wondered, “how did they land that?”. That’s because this trick, when done correctly, looks so clean and […]

      How to Kickflip

      You’ve probably heard of the Kickflip before you even picked up the board. It’s a classic trick that every skater needs to have under his belt. Today, we’re showing you exactly how to do it. Kickflip Definition The Kickflip is acheived by combining an Ollie and a kick-flick motion towards the front-foot’s heel-side corner of […]

        How to Frontside Pop Shove It

        Frontside Pop Shove It Definition The Frontside Pop Shove It is achieved by combining an Ollie and a quick forward-scoop motion of the back-foot to make the board spin 180 degrees, all while remaining neutral in the air. A Brief History of Pop Shove Its As the legend goes, the Frontside Pop Shove it was […]

          How to Pop Shove It

          Pop Shove It Definition This trick is a classic one. Pop Shove its are achieved by using your back foot to pop and spin the skateboard around 180 degrees in the air while you stay neutral above it. The Pop Shove it by default is Backside, meaning the tail of the board would spin away...