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How to Frontside 180

The crew at Braille thinks it’s fantastic that you’re progressing on your skateboard. You’ve mastered riding, and you’ve got your ollies down, so let’s get into some more tricks! One of the first tricks to learn after learning how to ride your skateboard and ollie comfortably is the Frontside 180. What exactly is a Frontside […]

How to Ollie Higher

An ollie is one of the most fundamental skateboarding tricks that many future tricks are built on. With that being said, it can take some time to fully master. It actually took Aaron Kyro 6 months to finally get his ollie high enough to get it over a garden hose! Don’t be discouraged if you […]

How to Push on a Skateboard

Pushing Definition Pushing is the act of simply hopping on your board and pushing so you can ride your board with enough speed. It’s literally what gets you rolling and up to speed when learning how to skate. So, you want to learn how to skateboard That’s awesome! We’re so excited your starting this amazing […]

How to Heelflip

Heelflip Definition Heelflips are achieved by combining an ollie and a kick towards the front-foot’s toe-side corner of the skateboard. When done properly, the board flips under you one full rotation along the board’s length-axis. The heelflip is one of the best in skateboarding, but also one of the most difficult. Before we get into […]

How to Pop Shove It

Pop Shove It Tutorial The secret of the pop Today we are going to be covering the Shove It with no pop and the Shove It with pop. Every trick has a secret and the secret to learning this trick is the Shove It with no pop. So the foot position for the Shove It, […]