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How To Switch Bigspin Bluntslide

Have you ever wanted to pick Mogely’s brain and see what goes on inside his head when he’s attempting some of the insane tricks that he does? In the video below, you’ll get the next best thing. Watch and learn as we take you through Mogely’s process while battling for a banger of a trick. […]

Skateboarding in a Great White Shark Cage?!

In celebration of hitting five million subscribers on Youtube, the Braille team decided to do the craziest thing they could possibly think of; jump into shark-infested waters. Well, maybe not totally shark-infested, and sure, with the protection of a shark-cage but, the Braille team did opt for a notoriously dangerous location in the Farallon Islands, […]

How to Hippie Jump the Easiest Way

Have you ever wondered what the world record is for the highest hippie jump? Well, everyone here at Braille sure has, and that’s why we’re so excited to show you what we got up to when we teamed up with the incredible Shane Boyer. We made it our mission to do the world’s tallest hippie […]

How to Backside Cancel-Heel Body Varial

why are we calling it the “Ouch Dad Flip”? You’ve got questions, and in the video below, you’ll get the answers you seek. Still not convinced? Well, technically this is a “Persistence” video featuring Jason Park. Considering how good Jason is at skating, you definitely don’t want to miss this. By the way, the backside […]

How to Darkslide the Easiest Way Tutorial

Ever since Ricky Glaser joined the Braille team, we’ve been asking him to darkslide everything in sight. For those of you in the comments asking for a darkslide tutorial; we’ve heard you loud and clear. In the video below, Ricky Glaser shows us the darkslide fundamentals and helps Chris McNugget to land his first proper […]