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Braille Skateboarding: Origins follows the story of Aaron Kyro, professional skateboarder and founder of Braille Skateboarding, as he nurtures his brand from a single skate video to a true skate empire! Grow your collection of real skate videos, and upgrade and optimize your way to the top of the feed. Through progressive storylines, fun limited […]

Braille Skateboards Releases Ricky Glaser’s Pro Model Skateboard Deck

Ricky Glaser becomes the first pro for the Braille Skateboards team and his pro board, which he designed himself, is available now. “I like Sk8” – Ricky Glaser, Professional Skateboarder San Francisco Bay Area, June 12th, 2021 – Less than a week ago it was announced that Ricky Glaser has joined the Braille Skateboards team. […]

Introducing The Braille Skateboard Shoe

Meet the new Braille Skate Shoe Braille Skate “First Try” Shoe Features Braille’s mission is to push skateboarding all over the world. Shoes are important to skateboarding and we are very proud of the Braille First Try Shoe! High quality Very comfortable Very skate-able All at a decent price

Braille vs Camp Woodward!

The Braille team recently visited Camp Woodward and, as usual, had an amazing experience learning and skating with so many incredible skateboarders. With some downtime and the park to themselves, the Braille team and the staff at Camp Woodward, which consists of talented skaters, bikers, scooter-ers, and rollerbladers, decided to have a little fun! We […]

How to Skate a Mini-Mega Ramp the Easiest Way

Let’s just start things off by saying we are beyond excited to share this video with you. Recently, Braille’s very own Ricky Glaser got the chance to meet up with our friend Will Cortez at Woodward East in Pennsylvania. The mission seemed simple enough. Ricky, under the tutelage of Will Cortez, was going to learn […]