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We are excited to partner with Mr. Beast and Mark Roper #TeamSeas

Mr. Beast just announced that he is raising 30 million dollars to get 30 million pounds out of the ocean! This is following his #TeamTrees project two years ago which resulted in 20 million dollars raised to plant 20 million trees! For #TeamSeas Mr. Beast invited other creators to join in and make videos about the […]

Manuel “Mogely” Herrera is officially pro for Braille Skateboards!

Mogely got the nickname from kids in high school making fun of him and calling him “Mogely.” He decided to just embrace this and call himself Mogely… the name stuck.  Mogely joined the Braille team in 2019. Mogely makes quite the impression with his skating, hardwork and unique skating style and has become part of the […]

The First Olympic Women’s street skateboarding Was Epic!

The first ever Women’s Street Skating Olympic event was held on Monday 26 July 2021 at the Ariake Urban Sports Stadium in Tokyo Japan, but most of us tuned in at 8:30pm Sunday night back here in the USA.  There were twenty female athletes who qualified to compete in the Street Skateboarding Event.  These women […]

Bryce Wettstein Set To Skate In Women’s Skateboard Park At The Olympic’s

Perhaps one of the most interesting people I have ever met, Bryce Wettstein is a true original.  From her overalls to her love of all things multi colored to her skills on the ukulele she is truly a beautiful human being.  Bryce was raised in Encinitas, CA by supportive parents who also happened to be […]

Olympic men’s street skateboarding: Japan’s Yuto Horigome takes first ever gold

Men’s Olympic Street The first ever Men’s Street Skating Olympic event was held on Sunday 25 July 2021 at the Ariake Stadium in Tokyo Japan.  The heat was intense and so was the competition.  The event started with opening heats to determine the 8 top skateboarders who would advance to the finals.  Watching the top […]